In need of a day one connectivity solution that will work in any location?

Our manged 4G router delivers connectivity over 4G LTE networks, providing the perfect interim solution while you wait for a fixed line installation.

Allowing your location to be up and running from day one regardless of any unforeseen delays, our 4G router allows you to ensure that all applications are ready to use when you need them to.


Plug and play
Remote access
Cloud management
Become a failover tool for business continuity

With simple integration into any landscape, it provides the best solution for your next project to start off on the right track without delay. Even if the location is in one of those hard to reach areas or your site needs an extra boost, there are flexible antenna options available, making sure you have the right solution for the job.

With lifetime warranties, support included and a wide selection of customisable options to be integrated within the product, it might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Want to find out more about how our 4G router can help you hit the ground running on your next project, talk to the team!