Abercrombie & Kent

Global, luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent specialises in unique and tailor-made trips. With a bespoke service at the heart of their business, they need to be able to provide their customers with a first-class service every step of their special journey. That means a first-class telephony system. One where their customers can reach them for any reason, at any time and from any location, guaranteed.

The challenge

Facing an increase in reliability issues and unnecessary costs, it was becoming clear that their system required upgrading. With a successful Telephony partnership already in place, Bamboo was asked to provide recommendations that would enable a seamless migration to Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP.

“I started to look at SIP as a possible solution when I recognised that we needed added resiliency to our telephony infrastructure, as well as looking at addressing reliability and call quality issues with the existing ISDN30 circuit and cutting call costs wherever I could,” explains Paul Thomas at Abercrombie & Kent. He continues, “We were happy with Bamboo as our current telephony provider so I invited them to put together a proposal for me to allow a seamless migration to SIP as the preferred telephony service, but with built in resilience to ensure that we had a failover plan should we encounter any problems.”

The approach

Bamboo’s Technical Support met with Paul and his Account Manager on a number of occasions to fully get to grips with the issues they were facing – and the implications. We know big technology changes can be daunting and believed it was important that Paul and his team were comfortable with the recommendations we provided.

Following these consultations we provided a number of solutions that we knew would satisfy these issues and ultimately give them peace of mind.

It was vital that Abercrombie & Kent and, more importantly, their customers would not encounter any problems. We were confident the capacity we recommended would meet their needs. To alleviate their concerns for call quality we suggested the ISDN circuit be kept in place in case, along with a backup circuit should the SIP trunk ever encounter any problems.

The result

“The migration was completed last year, it went seamlessly well and our concerns over the call quality were never realised. We have an assured product through Bamboo and it is easily coping with our call volume.”

Paul Thomas concludes, “The quality is far better than what we had with the ISDN circuit. We have met and actually exceeded our original requirements, thanks to the solution recommended by Bamboo, and we will be looking to further develop our SIP solution with Bamboo over the coming years.”

Here at Bamboo, we are extremely happy that Abercrombie & Kent is seeing such positive results and can remain confident in the SIP’s resilience and reliability. It will be a pleasure to continue supporting Paul and his team with their on-going technology solutions.

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