Alertcom Lone Worker Devices – Features and Benefits

Alertcom Lone Worker Devices - Features and Benefits

16th August 2019

So why would I choose Alertcom over another solution?

There are lots of solutions out there, but they may be modular or just cover one element of protection. Alertcom is a well-designed, completely joined up service with resilient connectivity underpinned by stringent operating practices and extensive accreditation.

The devices are designed for purpose, the portal allows multiple levels of authorisation and the control centre team are highly trained, with direct access to blue light services. The lanyard is not an obvious alarm or tracker, making it ideal for potentially sensitive situations. And smart functionality means users don’t have to remember to activate an app on a mobile phone for example every time they are attending a job or appointment. Unlike a mobile phone that is locked to one carrier, the multi-network SIM ensures that as long as there is a mobile signal, users stay connected, whilst the airtime element of the solution means you don’t have to worry about a user with an app on a prepay phone for example potentially running out of credit at a crucial moment.

Another benefit is the ease and speed in which the solution can be onboarded.

When a user is given a device, they simply register it online and receive an invitation to ring the control centre, where a member of the team will talk them through using the service. This process ensures they are swiftly up and running and it notifies their manager or administrator that they have completed their training and are good to go.

As there is no long-term contract or commitment, this is a great option for organisations that only need occasional use too. We can provide a small number of pool devices (or a single device) which an individual can take out as required; the administrator simply needs to log on to the portal and allocate a device for the time it is in use.

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