Lone Worker Device

With more than 6 million lone workers in the UK alone, it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all lone workers are protected in the correct way. Whether you have a sales team that is out and about, system engineers or drivers that are out on the road, it’s vital they have the devices in place to protect them in an emergency.

Alertcom leads the way in lone worker protection and is helping a growing number of businesses and organisations to get maximum value from their investment, while providing the best protection for their employees.

Lone Worker Device Features:

User Down Alert
Safecheck Timer
Pre-activation message
Multi-network SIM

The devices are designed to track on demand, allowing employers to know where their employees are in an emergency. Reassuring employees of their privacy is important too and knowing that they aren’t being tracked via GPS 24/7 is key.

Track on demand works by sharing the most recent location with the dedicated helpdesk team. Historical locations are not stored – allowing employees to be safe in the knowledge they can be located only in an emergency situation.

There are many features to this product ranging from 24/7 support, Monitoring, User Training and Audit History to name a few.

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