The Bamboo Thermal Screening solution (BTS) is a temperature and facial screening system. It combines infrared thermal imaging technology and visible light imaging technology in one, to fulfil a non-contact, large scene, real-time temperature measurement and screening function. Based on deep learning algorithms which can accurately locate the face position and avoid interference from unrelated high temperature objects, the system can be used for rapid body temperature screening in controlled and uncontrolled crowded environments. The system will automatically alert if an abnormal body temperature is detected.

Without a rapid diagnostic tool you need a solution that is highly effective in public places with dense crowds of people, such as Airports (airside apron or landside departures), Subways, Bus stops, Ports, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Buildings, Supermarkets, etc.

Installed as an integrated solution into fabricated units, connected or stand alone, it enables efficient social distance queueing, pax sortation and patient flows.

Easy to deploy, it is highly scalable.

Take a look at our highlights film to see what BTS can do!

You can download the full Bamboo Thermal Screening (BTS) Overview to learn all its features and benefits. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more, talk to the team today!

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