Solution Spotlight 

The development of a software solution to support and track the safe and secure transportation and placement of detainees has led to a number of similar high-profile contracts, both in the UK and Australia.

As a result, we have carved out a niche reputation in facilities and logistics management for outsourced government projects, from prisoner escorting services to offender tagging.

Our solutions must meet the constantly changing demands and logistics of individual jobs and mass deportation projects.

Their core framework is designed for agencies and public bodies to be able to manage every element of the custodial escort process. Examples of typical functionality include:

  • Tracking requests from immigration officials
  • Planning the most efficient ways of transporting detainees
  • Assigning the correctly qualified escorts to jobs
  • Detainee supervision planning
  • Notifying vehicle crews via mobile devices of their assigned tasks
  • Providing real-time view of all detainees in custody
  • Maintaining records of detainee custody, movement and welfare actions
  • Integrating with government IT systems

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