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  • Alertcom launch IDX Lone Worker Device

    Alertcom launch next generation of lone worker device.

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  • Alertcom Lone Worker Devices - “It really is a very comprehensive and clever product.”

    The rate of lone workers is increasing, but does your business have the necessary processes in place for staff not based in the office? Take a look at how our Alertcom Lone Worker devices work.

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  • Is it time for IoT?

    Keep hearing the phrase ‘IoT’ but not sure what it means or why it’s important?

    Take a little look below to find out more…

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  • Bamboo appoints new Director of IoT

    Bamboo announce new Director of IoT

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  • World IoT Day

    Taking a look at IoT and how even more things are becoming connected in celebration of World IoT day.

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  • Smart buildings for smart businesses

    Kevin Harris talks about smart buildings for smart businesses and how you can get connected.

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  • M2M business development

    Bamboo is delighted to welcome Jo Cracknell to the team as the newly appointed M2M Business Development Manager.

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  • Find value in the supply chain

    Where is the value in the IoT supply chain? Where is the opportunity for you as a comms provider? Lorrin White says the answer is simple; it’s everywhere.

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  • Bamboo launches M2M service for direct customers

    Bamboo announced the launch of its direct M2M offering. They first launched this offering through their partner channel in October 2015, however Bamboo’s M2M SIMs are now available to all customers.

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