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20 years ago today...

20 years ago, I would have been 5 years old. Having done my first year at school and fallen in love with Fireman Sam, it was clear back then that my ambition in life was to be a fireman – Fireman Sam all day every day can have that effect.

Throughout my years at school it became apparent that it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I never really enjoyed sitting in a classroom looking at a white board, I was always more engaged when it was a hands-on project. I guess I’ve always been a techie in that respect. With regards to tech I’ve always had a curiosity to figure out how everything works (sometimes that has ended up in disaster and breaking something) but this led me to build my first computer at the age of 16, which turned out alright and didn’t fail! A great success, I’d say!

During my time at school, mobile phones were on the increase. Anyone who was anyone had a phone and what they could do with their ‘added features’ at the time was as important as it is today (even though the spec is on a slightly different scale compared to back then). My first mobile was the Sony Ericsson W550i. Fun fact – did you know that the ‘W’ stands for Walkman? This feature gave endless opportunity to listen to DJ Sammy, full blast on the back of the school bus.

It was coming to the end of my time at school and I was very close to joining the RAF as an Aircraft Engineer. Instead I ended up going to Gloucestershire College to study IT Systems. I spent 3 years there and completed both Level 2 and Level 3 of the course. It was something I had a real interest in and gave me a great understanding of technology.

My first couple of jobs weren’t tech related, but you’ve got to start somewhere. My very first job was working at furnishing company in the café preparing food – quickly advancing to be the connoisseur of jacket potatoes, known unofficially as the ‘King of Jacket Potatoes’. Shortly after hanging up my apron strings, I moved on to work in a large grocery store in Cheltenham. Joining the warehouse team from 10pm to 8am and then heading off to college, it wasn’t a long-term plan, but it did the job for the time being.

Once I’d finished college, I moved on from the late-night shifts and joined an aerospace solutions company in their Aircraft Maintenance division at Cotswold Airport. There I worked as a store man, now what does one do as a store man you may ask? Well, I was involved in the deliveries, tools and mostly checking over the planes – never trusted to fly one though… I wonder why?

A few differing roles later I joined the Big Green Tech Machine known as Bamboo Technology Group. Back then it was Total, and I was a member of the Customer Service Team. Over the years I broadened my knowledge across different solutions and spent time on really understanding the ins and outs of our product set. This then allowed me to progress into the Technical Team as a Technical Support Engineer. This is a step in the right direction as it’s something I have always wanted to progress into and make a career out of. I can’t wait to complete my training and become a top engineer. I think my curiosity is something that will stay with me throughout my career, but instead of building computers from the ground up, I’m now building systems.

It’ll be interesting to see what we’ll be building/installing in another 20 years’ time. But, for now Happy Birthday Bamboo!

Rob 1

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