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Alertcom Lone Worker Devices - “It really is a very comprehensive and clever product.”

How does it work?

This is a perfect example of a practical application of IoT, with devices containing a multi-network SIM for resilient connectivity. And it’s this connectivity that enables the use of both voice and data communication as well as a track on demand feature, which means the device can be followed via GPS. Alertcom offers plenty of functionality; it’s far more than just an emergency alarm. It’s a well thought through solution with plenty of proactive features. For example, a user can record and leave a message before entering a property or premises. If that message isn’t then cancelled when it should be, the control centre can listen in and escalate to the employer or the emergency services if required. The devices themselves are pretty smart too - they can recognise if they are in a horizontal position or haven’t moved for a while, triggering an alert to highlight a potential ‘user down’ situation.

Why are solutions like this so important?

There are an estimated 7m workers in the UK that are considered lone workers and these could range from housing officers and community nurses or carers to engineers and estate agents, and many more in between. Health and Safety legislation requires UK employers to prove they have done their utmost to protect them. But the workplace and the way we work is changing, as employers and employees are embracing flexible and remote working schemes, so we can expect this number to rise.
The accountability and governance of boards and business owners hasn’t changed though - Health and Safety, mental health and well-being and operational resilience become ever more important, as does the reliance on data, leading to more organisations having to investigate and implement processes and protection to ensure they are compliant. Whether you are a charity, local authority or a Board of statutory directors, you need to be able to demonstrate your duty of care, that you have undertaken necessary precautions. This solution is all about mitigating risk – for the employee and the employer. It enables organisations to provide the best protection for their worker and the maximum value for their investment.

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