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Whichever industry you work in, your business needs a reliable, high-speed internet connection. At Bamboo, we offer dedicated fibre packages to suit all types of businesses, making sure you stay connected at all times.

Leased lines

A leased line provides a dedicated connection for your location. This means guaranteed speeds, more reliability for a range of demanding tasks and even greater security. Our expert team can recommend the best leased line speeds and develop a solution that fits your business perfectly.


FTTP, or fibre to the premises, is an unbroken connection from the exchange directly to your premises, allowing for much faster speeds than previous broadband connections. While this isn’t a dedicated connection like a leased line, FTTP is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that require a fast, reliable connection.


As copper lines begin to be phased out, SoGEA, which stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, has become the new standard connection. It doesn’t share any bandwidth with phone lines, meaning less interference and cheaper costs – ideal for businesses that are looking for a cost-effective connection and want to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Mobile broadband

We also offer a range of mobile broadband solutions – ideal for businesses on the move or as a contingency plan. If your main internet connection experiences issues, our 5G mobile broadband options can act as an emergency backup, keeping you connected until the problem’s been solved.

Why choose Bamboo for your business broadband?

Flexible packages

We steer away from one-size-fits-all products. Instead, our friendly team take the time to understand what you need, both now and in the future,

Quicker operating speeds

Basic broadband packages are no longer viable for most businesses. We provide packages that are superior to residential-grade internet, so your team can access everything they need.

Static IP address

Unlike residential connections that have a dynamic IP address, our business packages utilise a static IP. This is particularly useful if you are running CCTV, if staff are accessing your desktops remotely, or if your business uses Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Higher security

Cyber security has never been more important. As digital assurance experts, we can help to enhance your security, protecting your users from phishing, hacking and malware.

Highly-rated support

Our expert support team are on hand at all times to ensure you stay connected. Whatever the issue, our responsive advisors are just a call away.

Make the switch today

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