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Stay connected with mobile phone plans that are built around your business, backed up with reliable and secure cyber security solutions to keep your data safe.

Managed service provider for O2

We’re one of just a handful of managed service providers for O2 across the UK, and have been for over a decade. That means we’ve got direct access to the O2 network, so we can offer the best tariffs and build packages that are perfectly tailored for your business.

Network of choice

eSIMs, or Embedded SIMs, are SIM cards that are already fitted into a phone, waiting to be activated and connected to a supporting network. They’re capable of using multiple SIM profiles and are ideal for businesses who may need to use local data plans while traveling, separate voice and data mobile plans, or use different numbers for personal and business calls. We can offer eSIMs for customers on the O2 network – just ask our team more about our eSIM service.

We also offer multi-network SIMs that can easily swap to the strongest network available – ideal for companies that need IoT support, such as taxi firms, security businesses and logistics organisations that need to stay operational at all times.

Cyber security

Even with today’s modern devices, your phone and its contents can still be at risk of cyber security threats. Our mobile security team can advise on the best way to keep your devices protected from app, network and device-based threats, and we partner with leading brands such as Traced to provide best-in-class security software.

Why choose Bamboo for your business mobile phone contract?

With over 20 years in the communications industry, our experienced team understand the intricacies of mobile plans inside and out. That’s why we’ll give you the right advice and ensure that whatever phones you need, you get a plan that’s built around you.

The service we receive from Bamboo is great! Whether I’m calling in to speak to one of the team or using the helpdesk it’s a swift process which makes my job easier. By having a provider who can resolve any issues or tasks which arise without me having to be involved at each stage, means I can focus on other aspects of my job.

Adam Walsh, Head of IT, Edwin Coe LLP

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