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Whilst we are becoming more reliant on communicating through the internet, there is still an important case for mobile SIMs and hardware. Mobile phones extend our work functionality and capability and provide us with access to essential information and people, whenever and wherever we are. With the growing trend toward hybrid working, some companies are adopting a mobile-only approach demonstrating the increased flexibility, security, and scalability of mobile solutions.


Offering eSIM QR codes for compatible devices, an embedded SIM is a small chip already fitted into a phone, ready to be activated and connected to a network that supports this technology. Switching networks is easier with an eSIM as there are no tricky bits of plastics, it is already in the device ready to be utilised. eSIM technology continues to advance as operating system development focuses on allowing more than one network in a device.

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Multi-Network SIMs

Designed for M2M applications, multi-network connectivity and multi-network SIMS are a vital solution as businesses are becoming more connected with the Internet of Things (IoT). Making sure there is a reliable connection for you, your employees and your customers is a must-have for continuity. Unsteered SIMs keep your devices connected by roaming on multiple networks, necessary for devices that need to be continually operational. For devices on the move, such as trackers and sensors the need to retain signal is vital. M2M connectivity ensures you dramatically reduce the possibility of devices going off-line as the SIM will search for the strongest network available to remain operational. These SIMs use all networks and can operate 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

Service and portals

As well as the physical devices and SIMs, Bamboo also offer dedicated account management and intuitive online tools to help manage your cost centres and costs online, making it easier to do business.

Mobile Cyber Security

Keeping your phone and its contents safe is of utmost importance. Protect your mobile devices from app, network and device-based threats with our mobile security team who will be able to advise on what path is best to take to keep you protected. We partner with leading brands, such as Traced to help ensure your mobile security solutions are right for you.

From SME mobile phone contracts to multisite and asset management SIM solutions Bamboo keeps you connected and up to date, so you can grow. From one VIP connection for your CEO to nationwide sites and complete coverage, flexibility is key when you are looking for a mobile solution. As a Service Provider (SP) of O2 and with existing partnerships with Vodafone and EE, we can offer all the networks to create bespoke plans that are right for your business. Speak to our team today to find out more.

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