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There are three terms that have been circling the technology sphere for a while but what is AII-IP, VOIP and SIP all about? As business telephone systems are becoming increasingly intelligent, it is important to consider upgrading your set-up to bring out the best in your business and keep on top of your communications.


Replacing the traditional method of Single Order connectivity and voice solutions that run through a copper telephone network, AII-IP is all about a connectivity-first future that is digitally-led. By doing this network operators are ensuring that we can keep up with the growing demand for data in a more cost-effective way.

Almost half of businesses in the UK are now using IP phone systems. Are you?


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Part of the AII-IP transfer is the ability to make high-quality calls using your internet connection. In simple terms a Voice Over IP (VOIP) converts audio from your voice from a telephone system into a digital format using a broadband connection or your local area network. Extremely scalable, truly portable, and virtually future proof it can also take care of your contingency planning. Bamboo is here to ensure that you have the correct infrastructure in place to make your daily communications simple. A VOIP phone system has a wide number of benefits including disaster recovery and business continuity. Should anything happen to your core connectivity, our engineers can re-point any affected numbers to an alternative destination (whether that is a different office or a mobile phone) ensuring your calls can still route. As your telephone numbers are hosted at internet level with options to adapt and change, you and your customers still have the ability be stay connected.


SIP, (Session Initiation Protocol) has been available since the early 2000s. SIP makes it possible to connect easily to various components of an overall communications system. It is a general-purpose way to set up real-time multimedia sessions between groups of participants. For example, in addition to simple telephone calls, SIP can also be used to set up video and audio multi-attendee meetings, or instant messaging conferences. More businesses have incorporated this into their infrastructure because users can rapidly deploy applications, which help to reduce costs, improve the customer service experience, and increase employee productivity. It simplifies your organisation’s communications whilst making it flexible and resilient to operate from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Coupled with a suitably compliant system it simplifies your organisation’s communications, making it resilient to operating from anywhere.

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Benefits of Investing in Bamboo Business Telephone Systems

For over 20 years we have been installing and maintaining the highest quality systems for our clients. Our leading services and systems provide:

  • A Variety of Options – A plethora of ways to enable digital transformation to help improve your business.
  • Simple Ordering processes – All-IP solutions that support the OTT voice solution, making it much easier to manage than older systems.
  • More competitive – AII-IP offers reduced fees with lower cost-per-minute on voice solutions as there are no line rentals and little maintenance costs.
  • Better connectivity – A faster and more reliable way to communicate. Full fibre offers the highest bandwidths and robust broadband connections. This is particularly beneficial as the demands for data are on the rise for businesses.
  • On-Demand Assistance – Our qualified and experienced team are happy to help with any issue large or small to ensure that you are back to full connectivity in no time.

Find a Solution That Meets Your Needs

Bamboo is here to support all your technology needs. As digital products and services improve and older systems are being replaced by more effective and efficient solutions and innovations, we are your go-to gurus when delivering the best options for your business. If you are looking to understand more about VoIP, explore whether SIP is the answer for you, find a solution that meets your needs or need to project manage a rapid deployment, we can guide and support you.

To find out more, call our team on 01242 246700 or email hello@bamboo.tech

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