Modern IP telephony means a much wider range of business benefits and efficiencies – now it’s about so much more than just lines, voice and data.

So if you are looking to understand more about VoIP, explore whether SIP is the answer for you, find a cloud-based solution or need to implement rapid deployment, we can guide you through the process of finding your perfect match.



Put simply, voice over IP (VoIP) converts audio (voice) from a telephone system into a digital format, that can be transmitted over a data connection, such as a broadband connection or your local area network.

Extremely scalable, truly portable and virtually future-proof, with the correct infrastructure in place, VoIP can also take care of your contingency planning.

With your telephone numbers hosted at an internet level, you can cover off your business continuity and disaster recovery.

Should anything happen to your core connectivity, we can simply re-point any affected numbers to an alternative destination (such as a different office or even a mobile phone) ensuring you calls continue to be delivered, and most importantly, you and your customers stay connected.



Many businesses are incorporating SIP into their IP infrastructure – and for very good reasons.

SIP makes it possible to easily connect the various components of an overall communications system, meaning you can rapidly deploy applications, reduce costs, improve your customer service experience and even increase employee productivity, all by simplifying your organisation’s communications architecture (not forgetting flexibility and resilience too).

Working together with Avaya and other market leading partners, we are able to deliver the right SIP solution for your business.

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All- IP

In 2015, BT announced that it would cease taking ISDN orders in 2020 with the view of switching off its ISDN and PSTN network entirely in 2025 – a change that is a few years away. This makes now the perfect time to find out what ISDN and PSTN are, why they are being replaced and how the BT switch off in 2025 will impact your business in the years to come.

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