BPE and Bamboo launch new offering

5th May 2022

BPE Solicitors and Bamboo Technology Group introduce Digital Assurance as a Service


Cheltenham-based commercial law firm BPE Solicitors and ICT managed services provider Bamboo Technology Group have created an innovative, technical and legal service that builds your operational and cyber resilience.

Digital Assurance as a Service (“Digital Assurance”) will see Bamboo’s technical diagnostic tools seamlessly combine with BPE’s legal diagnostic expertise to help you build operational and cyber resilience across your organisation and your critical supply chains, reassure your insurer and regulators that you are cyber compliant and  deflect the financial and reputational damage that is so often caused when a cyber attack happens. Digital Assurance has been created in-line with UK Government and NCSC guidelines as best practice.

Lee Hibbert, Director of Digital Assurance at Bamboo and co-creator of the new service commented “We know that in reality it’s not a question of if a business will suffer a cyber attack, but when. By implementing Digital Assurance as a Service, businesses can be confident that their people, networks and systems are resilient, and if they do suffer an attack, Bamboo and BPE will have minimised the risk and will support your response”.

Sarah Kenshall, Technology Partner at BPE and co-creator added “We so often see technical and legal teams working in silos, but by working collaboratively, the resilience customers will have will be so much stronger. Our digital assurance solution will turn cyber risk into cyber power”.

To discuss how you can strengthen your systems with Digital Assurance, contact the Digital Assurance team via email or call 01242 246700