What is Digital Assurance?

Digital Assurance is the continual process of managing and protecting the complete digital ecosystem of your organisation. This includes digital innovation, digital transformation, cyber threat intelligence and protection against such cyber threats.

As blended working and multisite operations become the norm, businesses look to technology to improve their teams’ remote protection, efficiency, and productivity whilst also seeking to continually enhance the customer experience.

A shift to cloud and hybrid architectures asserts that knowledge, management and protection of a company’s digital attack surface is a board item to be prioritised.

Coupled with the upsurge of attacks on Microsoft and other corporate applications, there is a weight of evidence to demonstrate that tick box exercises for data and cybersecurity will no longer appease regulatory bodies and insurance companies. Thus, a more proactive and continual approach to information security and its enabling technology infrastructure is required.

Our team provides digital assurance services and testing solutions to match the needs of today’s businesses. With the expansive growth of digital transformation, digital innovation and digitalisation, organisations are faced with the huge challenge of managing the increased risk that comes with leveraging digital solutions. Whether this increased risk is through the use of data storage, remote working or inputs from digital assets such as third-party data, we offer advice and practical support for navigating and sustaining the transition from paper to digital.


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Here are our key solutions to help you ensure your business prepares, responds and adapts.

Crisis Management and Incident Response

The CREST accredited advisors in the Bamboo team can help you manage a crisis event. Whether you are reacting to a security breach or party to an IT incident investigation we can support you with forensic response and triage services on a retainer-based contract. Working alongside your own team or independently we can help to determine if you have been breached, whether it is an external or internal threat and the scope and timeline of the breach. We will collate digital evidence to assist with insurance or authority investigations, ensuring appropriate chain of custody handling.

Cyber Security & Threat Intelligence Services

In addition to our Managed and Co-managed IT services, the Bamboo Digital Assurance team focus explicitly on your digital attack surface. Constantly monitoring and testing your digital platforms, applications and devices for weaknesses and threats the team use a combination of risk assessment tools and unique software applications dedicated to the MS365 and mobile environments. We can work as part of your IT or cyber team to enhance your information security or alongside your compliance officers. Services include: Risk register and controls reviews Cloud and IoT defence monitoring Vulnerability scanning service Regular penetration testing Cyber incident response planning and testing For more information, take a look at our Helix slider.

Review and Assess

Key to the ongoing protection of data is the requirement to ensure a flexible and constantly evolving approach to information security and supporting protocols. This requires a constant upskilling of staff knowledge in compliance requirements, regulatory directives and developing risk profiles of insurers and authorities as well as a regular assessment of behaviours. Understanding the current position is important to map out training and development where required. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the process in which the company identifies training and development needs of its employees so that they can do their job effectively. It involves a complete analysis of training needs required at various levels of the organisation. Bamboo can run a full Training Needs Analysis and support it with the design of a training program. That program can be supported with funded education partnerships to also deliver required training. Take our basic Cyber Essentials questionnaire to see if you are compliant with the minimum standard.

Cyber Security Advice Service

To help you understand how secure your organisation is, we offer a range of services on an advisory, consultancy or managed basis. We know that every business is different and as such our services and solutions are built to be flexible to fit around you. Our team compromises of experienced cyber professionals, accredited compliance assessors and auditors and ICT experts and we will work with you or alongside your existing teams. For those services that fall outside of our direct offering we have a range of partnerships to meet all Digital Transformation and Information Security needs.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation programs are the hallmark of innovative companies and culture. Many look to digital technology to improve business processes and value for customers.

Working with a collaborative partner that can inform, educate and inspire every aspect of your digital transformation delivery program is a challenge.

The Bamboo team bring their Technology Strategy and Services Design expertise to every program. From initial architecture review through to design and implementation of a change program, the highly experienced team will project manage and support your unique requirements, ensuring that the full potential of your ICT choices are realised.

Read about a recent Bamboo contract win that has revolutionised the operations of Prisoner Transportation solutions in Australia – take a look.


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