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Companies that are digitally mature showcase signs that they are making the most of digital technology, as well as the culture and network surrounding these key themes. It’s part of a business’ make-up. Don’t think of it as transferring to digital systems, products, activities or processes to keep up with the times – it’s much more than that. Instead, it’s about your digital capability finesse in the current climate and how you’re future-proofing yourself through digital transformation by adapting and being innovative in the way you use platforms and being confident in doing so.

Bamboo can provide an independent analysis of your digital strategy and provide significant feedback and forward-thinking suggestions to take your business to another level.


There are 15 competencies that make up digital maturity. These include aspects such as culture, leadership, budget, innovation, capacity, learning, recruitment, technology, project management, reporting, data, communications, insight, internal systems and service delivery. Within these competencies, there are also five additional levels to determine the extremity of impact.


A digital maturity assessment is used through the analysis of the 15 competencies above to produce a score for how well, or not so well, your business is doing on the scale of digital maturity. The score ranges from 1 (being low) and 5 (being high) and produces an in-depth picture of your current investments in digital environments and practices.


This is where Bamboo will analyse your assessment and provide tailored advice and guidance on improving your digital maturity or to build upon your overall digital strategy based on the scores provided in the previous step.

Digital Assurance

Digital Assurance is the continual process of managing and protecting the complete digital ecosystem of your organisation. This includes digital innovation, digital transformation, cyber threat intelligence and protection against such cyber threats.

Many companies develop their cyber and information security policies outside of the company growth strategy, creating an unplanned and unbudgeted requirement when opportunities develop. Avoid the bolt-on approach to governance and compliance by knowing where you are and where you want to get to, with a team that can help you get there. Ask about the Bamboo Digital Maturity framework.

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