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Are you making the most of digital technology to achieve your goals and stay competitive? If you’re digitising any aspects of your business, we can help you plan ahead to ensure you remain compliant and secure.

The digital maturity framework

There are 15 core competencies that make up digital maturity. These are identified as culture, leadership, budget, innovation, capacity, learning, recruitment, technology, project management, reporting, data, communications, insight, internal systems and service delivery. Our consultants can help you define your strategy in key areas such as technology, innovation, data and project management.

Assessing your digital maturity

If you want to understand where your business currently sits on the digital maturity scale, we’ll take you through our assessment, which uses the 15 core competencies to give you a score from 1 (Foundation) to 5 (Leadership). This produces an in-depth picture of your current investments in digital environments and practices.

Strategic thinking

Once we’ve assessed where your business is, we’ll provide tailored advice and guidance to help you improve your digital maturity. We’ll then put that plan into action with you, providing a range of managed or co-managed services.

Why choose Bamboo to support your digital maturity journey?

As leading experts in the IT and telecommunications space for over 20 years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies go through their own digital transformation. Our consultants can help you to get all the foundations in place to ensure your path to digital maturity starts off as it means to go on.



What does digital maturity mean?

Think of digital maturity as a scale that represents how well organisations can adapt and leverage digital tools and strategies to enhance their operations, processes, and customer experiences.

At the lower end of the scale, businesses may be using basic digital tools and processes, but they haven’t fully integrated technology into their core operations, instead using manual methods to supplement their activity. Organisational resilience is yet to be added to the senior leadership commitments.

At the top of the scale, digital mindset is at the heart of a company’s culture. They start adopting more advanced technologies, such as cloud computing, data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence. This transformation leads them to invest in tools and systems to improve efficiency, decision-making, and customer interactions.

Improve your digital capabilities today

If it’s time to get started on your digital maturity journey, come and chat to Bamboo. We’ll help you take the next step in digitising your processes.

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