Goughs Solicitors

Established in 1882 Goughs Solicitors, a leading law firm in Wiltshire enjoys a reputation for exceeding their clients’ expectations. When they first connected with us, they were looking for a fresh approach to their telecom data infrastructure due to on-going problems with their existing system.

The challenge

The reputation, that Goughs had worked so hard for, was at risk because of something that should never be a factor — their IT system. With one office out of six down almost every month, they were redeploying staff to functioning offices and incurring costs in lost fee-earner and secretarial time. All this was critically affecting business continuity and as a result the fundamentals of Goughs’ business were being compromised. With plans for continued growth, seamless connectivity between sites was high priority. As was the potential for the system to grow alongside them. But ultimately they needed to be confident that being offline was no longer a possibility.

The approach

At Bamboo, we believe in developing genuine partnerships and our first step was to ensure we truly understood both the business and technical issues. We knew it was vital that the solutions we delivered would ensure smooth day-to-day operations, as well as the scalability to grow with their business.

When we interviewed the staff at Goughs they cited “speed of work and the stability of the system” as areas needing improvement. Therefore, removing speed frustrations and interruption to work flow was essential. Together we established clear goals for Goughs’ ICT future: speed, resilience and scalability. We agreed that our objectives were not simply sorting the immediate problem. We needed to provide a level of support that would mean avoiding a similar situation reoccurring and avoid limiting their potential for future growth.

We addressed operational concerns including money being lost due to a loss of fee-earner and secretarial time. Promising a system that could be relied upon, day or night as it became clear to us that connectivity was a genuine concern. Our recommendation was an Ethernet based MPLS network with ADSL failover fully managed by us. This infrastructure increased bandwidth from 2MB to 10MB with the ability to expand to 100MB and resolved the issues with their core apps.

The result

The threat of downtime was eliminated and speeds increased significantly. The MPLS circuit gave Goughs the control over the quality of their own service. They could now prioritise against their requirements for data, voice and applications. We put plans in place for future expansion so they could continue to build on their history of growth and answered the concerns they had previously been experiencing. All with the confidence that we would be ready and waiting should they ever need us.

“One of our main requirements was a good client working relationship that we could fully trust and know that if something happened, we would be fully supported,” Michele Morton, Head of Accounts and IT, at Goughs explains, “through our high level service agreement with Bamboo, we can rest assured that we are being well taken care of. We find the support from all the team to be of a very high standard and Bamboo do everything they can to help us.”

During the partnership with Goughs Solicitors, we have continued to deliver further solutions that means their focus remains on what matters most to them — providing a first rate service to their clients. We are pleased with the everyday difference our service and infrastructure has made and look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow.

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