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Stay safe and connected on the move, at home, at the office or on site with Bamboo solutions.

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The right tools for the job

Great ideas happen when people come together. When heads mingle and new ways of doing things emerge. And that’s how we started developing a range of online tools. Your Portal includes the helpdesk, billing and cost control tools, data monitoring and alerts as well as barring facilities. The power is in your hands – and it’s your feedback that drives the ongoing development.

You and Bamboo

We work with a wide range of trusted, forward thinking and reliable suppliers who help build our growing network. To find out ‘Why Bamboo’ follow the link to see who we work with across IoT, Connectivity, Data and Cyber-Secure IT.

minutes billed this month

4.81 Billion

number of IoT devices in 2019 - Gartner


total data billed this month

“Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we found ourselves in urgent need to get all 22 of our team working remotely from home. This was a logistical nightmare and it took the dedication and skills from the team to get this done for us. They suggested SharePoint and OneDrive and helped us get all our data in the cloud. This was coupled with getting the services provided in a secure location.

We are now able to work remotely and wish we had done it sooner.

Thanks to all the Bamboo team who helped us through the transition.”

Mitch Bracey, Brace Creative Agency

Cotteswold Dairy

Tewkesbury-based Cotteswold Dairy, established in 1938, has grown and developed their organisation over the years. Cotteswold Dairy was one of the very first businesses to benefit when the new CityFibre network went live in Cheltenham – and the difference it made was instantaneous.

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