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Migration is the process of redeploying an application or data storage to a new infrastructure – usually for performance, security or pricing considerations. Many companies are troubled with even the thought of migrating to systems such as public clouds or server migration because of potential threats. Migration challenges include ensuring data security and integrity, the compatibility of applications with new environments, and maintaining business continuity.

Data Migration

When you’re looking to update your database to a more advanced cloud environment system.

Software Update Migration

The process of moving from one operating system to another.

Storage Migration

The transfer of data from one storage system to another.

Cloud Migration Service

For companies who want to move their existing databases and infrastructures to a cloud infrastructure.

Business Process Migration

A more complicated migration of databases and applications containing information regarding customers, operations and products.

Application Migration

If your business is switching platforms or vendors, this enables moving data and information to a new application and cloud platforms with ease.

Doing nothing to improve your infrastructures can leave your technology and IT systems open to security risks and threats, little functionality and low morale within your workforce because of the frustrations they face with systems not working properly.

Our team is experienced in planning and managing Cutover, Hybrid and Staged migration programmes. If you are moving from on-premise to cloud computing or a hybrid structure, or perhaps you are repatriating cloud services back to on-premise environments, Bamboo can design and deliver a migration program that considers all your priorities. Get in touch if you need an experienced partner to support or manage your migration.

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