My week with the Bamboo team

2nd March 2020

My name is Callum and I am a student in year 12 at Pates Grammar School. I am currently undertaking my A-Levels in the following subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

With a keen interest in the world of technology, I decided to carry out my work experience at a technology company. Bamboo Technology Group is involved with a plethora of other companies which I felt would be a great way to get insight into the world of work.

During my time at Bamboo I worked across a number of departments such as billing, tech and customer service, this provided the opportunity to increase my knowledge about the company and the sector of work as a whole.

Customer Service

I got to see how customer service receive requests from customers and partners and how these are actioned, this could be anything from a port to raising a fault to requesting a change in tariff or buying an absurd number of iPhones. You could literally see the process take place, from when the request came in to how it was then filtered through to the right departments like a conveyor belt – which was really cool to see.

Billing Team

In billing I was able to see how the requests from downstairs at customer service would be received and entered into the system to begin charging the customer. The team took me through the different types of reporting they do and what the process was for port outs, migrates and disconnections.

The Tech Team

One of my favourite departments was tech, which functioned like customer service, where they received call requests from customers, but specifically about tech issues. It was interesting to see how they would work their magic to get the customers systems back up and running again. They also had a lot of knowledge about computers which is a subject that I am really interested in and was cool talking to them about all the nerdy stuff.

Bamboo incorporated a high level of professionalism whilst maintaining a relaxed atmosphere which I felt was a perfect working environment. Thanks to all the of the amazing employees, it was great as I got a glimpse of what it is like to work in the tech sector, which has only increased my passion for the subject even further – I’ve really enjoyed my week here.