For over thirty years, the Tech OP team has specialised in the development of bespoke applications to support and streamline business processes.

Our proven experience in writing and maintaining commercial software spans across industries where security, highly controlled data integrity, regulation and compliance are paramount.

Industries like aviation, finance, education, the security sector, justice and immigration.

Meaning you can be confident you are choosing a safe pair of hands to handle your software projects.

Experts in prisoner escorting

The development of a software solution to support and track the safe and secure transportation and placement of detainees has led to a number of similar high-profile contracts, both in the UK and Australia.

As a result, we have carved out a niche reputation in facilities and logistics management for outsourced government projects, from prisoner escorting services to offender tagging.

Our solutions must meet the constantly changing demands and logistics of individual jobs and mass deportation projects.

Their core framework is designed for agencies and public bodies to be able to manage every element of the custodial escort process. Examples of typical functionality include:

Tracking requests from immigration officials
Planning the most efficient ways of transporting detainees
Assigning the correctly qualified escorts to jobs
Detainee supervision planning
Notifying vehicle crews via mobile devices of their assigned tasks
Providing real-time view of all detainees in custody
Maintaining records of detainee custody, movement and welfare actions
Integrating with government IT systems

The security specialists

Information security, connectivity and business continuity are key, to meet government standards and continuous real time updating of data.

As you would expect, Tech OP is ISO 27001 accredited whilst our team of specialist developers have the primary security checks in place that are essential for our involvement in these highly sensitive outsourced projects.

In addition, our platforms meet the stringent requirements of the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice.

The next steps

We love getting our teeth into new challenges, so if you think we can help support your next software development project then please get in touch to find out more.

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