Steatite is a global leader in the design, development and supply of rugged and industrial computers, batteries and communication equipment. Bamboo has been working with Steatite since 2005, delivering a range of solutions from mobile and fixed line telephony to internet connectivity and system support.

We call it playing the long game.

Standing alongside Steatite during many of their breakthrough moments over the last decade, we have supported them in the relocation of their headquarters, an office move and the onboarding of new acquisitions; as well as the continual optimisation and improvement of their communications network and adoption of new technologies. This is a long-term partnership that continues to go from strength to strength.

The challenge

As an innovative, technology driven company, Steatite is used to operating at the very limits of technical capability, optimising everything they do and it was therefore inevitable they would review their communications partners every few years. And, not unusually for a fast-growing company through both acquisition and organic growth, they inherited a few incumbent providers along the way.

“We wanted to reduce our mobile costs, whilst consolidating and optimising all our communications. We realised that bringing these services together and using just one competitive provider could improve the overall service to the business, while reducing costs and the administration overhead too” explains Jonathan Jackson, Operations Director at Steatite.

The approach

It all started with just one phone call – to reduce the cost of Steatite’s mobile phone services. Once we had proved ourselves by doing just that and delivering a more personal customer experience at the same time, we soon began to work closely with Steatite on other projects over the coming years.

Twelve years on and we still look after Steatite’s mobiles as well as their fixed voice and data connectivity and phone system across their sites.

The result

Consistent account management experience Bamboo’s focus on providing dedicated account management has enabled us to become a genuine partner to Steatite.

According to Jonathan, “The difference between Bamboo and other providers I’ve worked with is they always follow through. If they say they are going to do something, they always do it. It sounds simple but Bamboo has always got this right and hasn’t faltered over the years. Even if I call the office and speak to someone I’ve never spoken to before, you still feel like they know you. That is key to exceptional service.”

Proactive management and service delivery go hand in hand – they are both integral to the customer experience and this has been clearly apparent too for Jonathan, “I cannot think of a single time we have had a significant technical challenge or service outage. The quality of service has been exemplary and absolutely consistent. I rarely speak to the Technical Team as there hasn’t been a need to.”

Proactive partnership
Every quarter, we review Steatite’s bills and let them know if there are any additional savings, improvements or efficiencies that could be made if they switched plans or changed services. This is something they previously did themselves, but instead they have put their trust in Bamboo to do the best for their business. This proactive partnership approach is just another way to help Steatite save time, money and effort in keeping their services optimised.

Let’s grow
When an acquisition led to difficulties in moving existing comms to Bamboo, Jonathan contacted us for a helping hand. “The process was proving both difficult and very time consuming for me, yet one phone call to the team was all it took. Bamboo picked it up for us and worked with the existing partner directly to ensure the transition was completed as seamlessly as possible. Things like this make all the difference.”

Moving onwards and upwards
Moving offices can be challenging in all number of ways, so when Steatite moved both their Redditch headquarters and, more recently, their communications division in Leominster, we pulled out all the stops to ensure their communications were ready and waiting in these new sites, with minimal disruption to service. We worked closely with Jonathan to plan all aspects of the moves beforehand and worked out-of-hours until the services were fully re-activated and working perfectly.

Playing the long game
The longstanding partnership between Bamboo and Steatite can be attributed to many things – the quality of service, competitive pricing and proactive account management are just a few examples. What really cements the relationship though is the shared values between our two companies. Bamboo and Steatite are both pioneers in the use of technology to solve problems. We both focus on building solutions precisely for the needs of our customers and we both believe in going the extra mile for every client. This shared bond has resulted in a communications partnership that has lasted for well over a decade – and continues to grow.

“As a business, getting the best service at the best price is always important. But competitive pricing alone doesn’t guarantee a long-lasting working relationship. The real reason we have stayed with Bamboo over the years comes down to the overwhelming strength of the partnership between us. When I speak to them, it’s like speaking to an old friend. It’s a personal relationship and I know I’m not just a number to them. When anyone at Bamboo helps me, I feel it’s because they genuinely want to, not because they have to. You can’t fake service like that,” concludes Jonathan.

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