Digital strategies and roadmaps are taking their rightful place on the boardroom agenda, side by side with risk management, security and compliance.

And this ever-increasing reliance on systems and data means operational resilience is a key consideration.

The integrity and security of our data and the means to access it are fundamental to improved productivity and day to day operations.

But what happens when the unexpected and unwanted happens?
Whether it’s physical damage, a system failure, human error or corruption, malicious or accidental, your business is at risk.

From hybrid and cloud back up to comprehensive and robust full recovery business continuity solutions, we are here to help you protect against data loss and downtime – and get you up and running again in the quickest time possible.

Back up you can trust

Are you confident that your current back up arrangements will stand up to the test when it really counts?

Our flexible and scalable cloud or hybrid solutions can give you the peace of mind that your business information is always backed up and always accessible.

Should you need to recover your data, next generation solutions can ensure it is duplicated in data centres, with proactive management and monitoring. We’ll also report back on a daily or weekly basis too, letting you know everything is in order.

Resilient business continuity solutions

You can protect your data but if your business relies on uninterrupted access to your systems and infrastructure, then business continuity is for you.

Tech OP offers a range of the latest, comprehensive solutions that replicate your desktops, systems, servers and infrastructure too and allow you to recover granular level data from multiple points in time and quickly launch virtual cloud-based copies of your servers.

Solutions that mean you are up and running again in minutes or hours, as opposed to days or even weeks and restore everything you need to keep you in business.

Consultancy and strategy to get you started

However you currently back up your data, you should also be asking yourself some difficult and honest questions.

Just how long could your business last without access to your data and your infrastructure? Can you put a realistic value on those timescales?
What would happen to your customers, your reputation and even your business? Could you survive?

Through a process of consultancy, audits and testing, we can help you review your arrangements and answer those questions.

We’ll help you identify your recovery time and recovery point objectives. You can accurately ascertain just how long could you sustain service levels and business as usual as well as exactly how far back you need to be backing up your data.

Then we can build a recovery strategy that matches your business requirements – and we’ll test it regularly as well, in a safe environment.
Giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your data and systems are safeguarded, secure and available.

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