The increase in digital transformation, cyber security, automation, IoT and connected devices comes hand in hand with the increased challenge of staying safely connected and protected.

Malware, ransomware, breaches and GDPR mean it’s no longer just about protecting your data. Instead, it’s about protecting your brand, your people, your reputation and your customers – as well as the physical systems and access you need for everyday business as usual.

And with experts suggesting it’s a case of when not if you fall foul to a cyber attack, information security planning should be a firm fixture in your IT roadmap.
With our heritage in the security sector, Tech OP can help with your operational resilience, creating a cyber strategy for a secure future.

From audits and testing, training and Cyber Essentials to threat management systems and business continuity solutions, we have everything you need to cover three vital steps:

  • Educate – yourself and your employees
  • Protect – your data, infrastructure, devices and reputation
  • Recover – your information and minimise downtime with a comprehensive backup and business continuity

Educate. Protect. Recover.

Get everyone educated

It’s widely acknowledged that the biggest security risk to your business is your people.

More often than not, this comes down to a lack of knowledge, inadvertent actions or human error rather than malicious intent – something cyber criminals are aware of and they focus their efforts on targeting the human element, refining realistic social engineering and phishing techniques.

This is where our educate protect recover training comes in.

When it comes to cyber security, our Cyber Awareness training helps to educate your whole team and share knowledge to help mitigate risks whilst our Cyber Readiness training is a great way to start your Cyber Essentials journey.

We can also help you to prepare your strategy and policies that encourage everyone to embrace security and understand the important part they play in staying protected.

Cyber Essentials Accreditation

In response to the rise in cyber threats, the Government backed Cyber Essentials scheme helps you to guard against the most common of these and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security.

The process of certification has been designed to be easily manageable while at the same time providing a respected standard in cyber security – and as an official accreditor, Tech OP is able to award the Cyber Essentials tick.

To discover more about Cyber Essentials contact us now.

Stay protected

We can help you stay protected with a range of cyber security solutions including patching, fully managed antivirus, email and web filtering, 24/7 threat monitoring, pro-active guidance and penetration testing.

It’s also important to understand your vulnerabilities, so we offer Cyber Score – a cyber security assessment report and rating that looks at your internal and external security. Then we can guide you through the risks and create a plan to implement the changes you need to make.

And just like a credit score, you can schedule regular reviews to track your progress and improve your Cyber Score.

Be ready to recover

Find out more about our business continuity solutions so you stay prepared and know your recovery is covered.