There are a number of options available for modern telephony, ensuring you have the right team on board to explain the options available and the most suitable for you is key.

We can provide a whole host of options from VoIP to SIP, whether it’s a rapid deployment or a cloud based solution you are after we can advise you on the most appropriate products for your business needs.


Voice over IP (VoIP) converts digital signals from a telephone system into an internet form that can be transmitted over an internet connection rather than via a digital signal. Ensuring that you have the right infrastructure in place, VoIP makes it easy to make sure you have a contingency plan in place. By having your telephone numbers hosted at internet level, it provides business continuity and disaster recovery. Should anything happen to your core data/leased line, we can simply re-point the telephone numbers to another destination - i.e. another telephone number which could be another office or even a mobile, to ensure calls are delivered effectively.


SIP makes it possible to easily connect the various components of an overall communications system, rapidly deploy applications, reduce costs, and improve customer service and employee productivity by simplifying your organisation’s communications architecture. More businesses are increasingly incorporating SIP into their various IP communications products.

Working with Avaya and other widely recognised companies we are able to provide the right SIP solution for your business.