Who we work with

We believe in the power of partnerships and our partnership ecosystem is built from the ground up. We need support and powerful partnerships we can trust. Quality counts and we operate stringent processes in securing our supply chain excellence, from Tier 1 carriers to network operators, integrators, developers and innovators. We’ve shared a handful of suppliers below, some names will be familiar, some not so much – although we think they soon will.

At Bamboo we believe it’s important to implement the same teachings we outwardly promote, therefore we couldn’t not tell you about the important accreditation’s and organisations we work with and how our own team work to ensure each time you interact with us it’s of the highest quality.

We follow ISO 9001 standards.

We operate a strict supply chain compliance policy and have implemented a code of conduct that has been qualified by the Basel Institute of Governance and originates from the latest Business Integrity and Anti-Corruption framework. For our amazing teams we run a quarterly engagement program ensuring our strategic objectives meet with their professional, social and environmental expectations.

Take a look at what our team have to say about Bamboo…

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We have a great team of people at Bamboo and there is a wealth of knowledge combined with an emotional investment and passion for the business, from those of us with many years’ experience to those with just a few months.

We are also committed to Bamboo being a great place to work. One that treats everyone equally and fairly. We hire, develop and promote the right people for the job, with the right skills. Those who have the drive, talent, knowledge, experience and ability to deliver the best possible service for our customers and partners. That is all that matters.

Our equal opportunities policy details our approach to fairness and the avoidance of any discrimination in the workplace and covers all stages of employment from recruitment onwards. To find out more about how we work, take a look at our Code of Conduct pack.


We don’t currently have any vacancies but we always love to hear from talented and skilled people. If you think Bamboo is the right fit for you then get in touch with the team. Fill out the form here to express your interest.